Summer Heat Beach Volleyball E3 2003 Preshow Report

Acclaim's beach volleyball title is headed exclusively to the PlayStation 2.


Acclaim's Summer Heat Beach Volleyball will be the first-ever beach volleyball title to make its way to the PlayStation 2. Developed by Acclaim Studios Chetlenham, the game plans to give you the experience of partying it up volleyball-style in some of the wildest summer locations in the world with the hottest people on earth.

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball will use a two-on-two style of play and include 14 selectable characters, each with his or her own specific attributes and abilities. The game's various stages will be made up of areas in and around well-known vacation hotspots, including Venice Beach Stadium, Flamingo Pier, Emerald Marina, and Silver Sands Beach. Twelve will be included in all.

Gameplay modes set to be featured in Summer Heat Beach Volleyball include arcade, exhibition, and tournament modes, as well as a summer party mode that tracks your stats, unlocks hidden characters and items, and allows you to travel around to the game's various locales. Additionally, several minigames that you can play to unlock hidden features will be available. The game will also feature a "superspike" system that will enable you to earn special moves, speed-ups, and unlockable content. The game's characters will be fully customizable, with modifications available for skin color, hairstyle, and personal accessories. Visually, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball will utilize a TV-style presentation, including features like music videos, player cutscenes, arena fly-throughs, and instant replays.

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 and is set to hit shelves in June.

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