Summer Games Done Quick Speedrunning Marathon Raises Nearly $3 Million For Doctors Without Borders

The week-long marathon concluded early in the morning of July 11.


The speedrunning community has done it again as Summer Games Done Quick 2021 ended with nearly $3 million in donations raised.

The donation tracker on the Games Done Quick website shows the final tally for SGDQ 2021 at $2,909,369.35, with over 40,000 donations made during the week-long event for an average donation amount of just over $72.

Highlights of this year's summer speedrunning soiree include a run of Golden Sun: The Lost Age in under six hours, a 53-minute playthrough of the 2020 Demon's Souls remake on PlayStation 5, Destiny 2's Deep Stone Crypt raid in under 17 minutes, and a 70-star Super Mario 64 effort--while the player was blindfolded--in under two hours.

All donations for SGDQ 2021 are made to Doctors Without Borders--or Médecins Sans Frontières--a non-profit humanitarian organization that offers aid to those in war-torn areas of the world, among other things.

Games Done Quick is a series of video game speedrunning marathons that raise money for multiple charities. Its biggest events are Awesome Games Done Quick in January--which raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation--and Summer Games Done Quick for MSF. The next event on the GDQ calendar is Flame Fatales, an all-woman speedrunning marathon beginning August 15. Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 has been confirmed for January 9 to January 16, 2022.

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