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Suikoden Successor Eiyuden Chronicle Hits Another Kickstarter Milestone, Adds 109th Hero

Another additional hero is coming to the classic-style JRPG, and fans will have a chance to vote on them this week.


Eiyuden Chronicle, the spiritual follow-up to classic PS1 RPG Suikoden, has smashed through its crowdfunding goals since its Kickstarter campaign launched last month. The game has now surpassed another major milestone, allowing developer Rabbit & Bear Studios to add yet another new hero to the extensive cast.

The Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter campaign has now passed $3 million USD. This makes it the ninth-most-funded game in Kickstarter history, as well as the most-backed game ever by Japanese players according to Rabbit & Bear.

"Eiyuden Chronicle is now the single most backed project by Japanese people ever. For this project, I want to take the fans' passion and put it in the game--that's how I feel," director Yoshitaka Murayama said in a press release. "I've seen people on social media saying this is the first Kickstarter they have ever backed and it makes me so happy to see that passion and support."

Eiyuden Chronicle
Eiyuden Chronicle

Eiyuden Chronicle's Kickstarter campaign launched on July 27 and hit its initial goal of $500,000 USD in only two hours. The campaign was so popular that it briefly crashed Kickstarter. Since then, Rabbit & Bear has announced numerous stretch goals, which have added eight additional heroes to the cast along with cooking and fishing mini-games, a New Game Plus mode, and more. A ninth additional hero is also in the works, and fans will have a say in determining who it is.

"The 108th character was born through Stretch Goals. I'm sure some people are fond of this number, as am I," Murayama said. "But that number was for Suikoden. While we have respect for the number 108, we choose to leave it here and go further. For this commemorable 109th character, we'd like to create a new character with everyone through a voting system."

Fans will be able to vote on the 109th hero in the Eiyuden Chronicle Discord server. The poll will open later this week at 9 AM PT on August 21 and run for 24 hours. Rabbit & Bear has also announced it will share a new teaser video at the end of the week.

Eiyuden Chronicle is slated to launch in Fall 2022. For more on the game, check out our interview with Rabbit & Bear on the challenges of making a spiritual successor to Suikoden.

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