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Suikoden Spiritual Successor, Eiyuden Chronicle, Announced By Original Creator

The writer and director behind the beloved PS One classics is working on a new, retro-styled RPG in their vein.


Yoshitaka Murayama, the writer and director of Suikoden and Suikoden II, has unveiled his next project: a spiritual successor to the classic PS One RPGs called Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Developed by Rabbit & Bear, an independent studio founded in Tokyo earlier this year with other industry veterans, Eiyuden Chronicle is a 2.5D classic-style JRPG featuring an extensive cast of 100 heroes. As in Suikoden, battles will be turn-based and feature a six-character party, with dynamic camera movements during boss encounters. The game will also boast a fortress-building element as you recruit heroes, as well as a guild system that will allow you to customize your fortress differently depending on which one you join.

Along with the brief gameplay clip above, Rabbit & Bear has shared a handful of work-in-progress screenshots of Eiyuden Chronicle. All the screenshots were captured in-engine, although the studio notes that it still hopes to improve the fidelity of the graphics. You can take a look at the images below.

Eiyuden Chronicle
Eiyuden Chronicle

Working alongside Murayama on the project are lead artist Junko Kawano, whose credits include Suikoden I and Suikoden IV; director Osamu Komuta (Suikoden Tactics and Suikoden Tierkreis); and art director Junichi Murakami (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow). The game will also feature music by Tales series composer Motoi Sakuraba, Wild Arms composer Michiko Naruke, and others.

Rabbit & Bear is turning to Kickstarter to help fund Eiyuden Chronicle. According to Murayama, crowdfunding the game is necessary to ensure the developers retain its rights. "We chose Kickstarter in order to make an interesting game with the players in mind, hold the rights to the planning, world, and story of the game, all while keeping the fun of the project," he said.

Eiyuden Chronicle is initially being planned for PC. The Kickstarter campaign is now live and runs until August 28. Rabbit & Bear is trying to raise $500,000 USD to fund development, although there will be a stretch goal to release the game on all major consoles as well. Eiyuden Chronicle is tentatively planned to launch in Fall 2022.

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