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Suicide Squad Is Reportedly Getting "Barebones Support" As Rocksteady Moves On To New Projects

The Batman: Arkham studio is reportedly working on a "director's cut" of Hogwarts Legacy and a new single-player game.


After launching earlier this year, the support team for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has reportedly been reduced to a skeleton crew as developer Rocksteady is said to be pivoting to new projects. According to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, the bulk of the studio is reportedly working on a "director's cut" of Hogwarts Legacy.

Beyond that, the Bloomberg report claims that Rocksteady's studio leaders are looking to pitch a new single-player game "which would return Rocksteady to its roots" following the poor critical and commercial performance of the game. As revealed during an earnings call in May, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was a $200 million bomb for Warner Bros. Discovery.

The first Suicide Squad post-launch season, Season of Jokes, wasn't well-received when it launched a few months ago, and the audience for the game on PC via Steam has seldom reached over 500 concurrent players over the last three months.

While Suicide Squad has proven to be a costly misstep for Rocksteady--especially when compared to the record-breaking success of Hogwarts Legacy--Bloomberg says layoffs at the studio look unlikely for now.

Warner Bros. Discovery is still looking to grow its presence in video games, and with the company being understaffed in this space compared to competing publishers, it's reportedly aiming to introduce more collaboration between its studios. Warner Bros. Discovery's plans include more live-service, mobile, and free-to-play games.

A Wonder Woman game is also in development at Monolith Productions, although progress on it is rumored to be in a "troubled" state.

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