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Suicide Squad And Rumored Gotham Knights Game Being Revealed At DC FanDome

The new game from Warner Bros. Montreal is heavily rumored to be a Batman title.


Two new Warner Bros. games are set to be unveiled at DC FanDome on August 22, including the newly-announced Suicide Squad game from Rocksteady Games, the developer of Batman: Arkham Knight. The other game will be from Warner Bros. Montreal, developer of spin-off Batman: Arkham Origins.

The WB Montreal reveal is one of the first events of the day, scheduled for 10:30 AM PT, and will take 20 minutes. "You won't want to miss this first look at an exciting new game and Q&A with its developers," the description reads.

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The studio has been teasing what looks like a new Batman game for some time now, and they've used the phrase "Capture the Knight" in their hints. Back in May, the studio tweeted that it was not ready to show its next project just yet. One popular theory is that the game will feature the Court of Owls, the shadowy cabal introduced in Scott Snyder's opening run of The New 52 reboot of Batman. According to Eurogamer, it will be called Gotham Knights.

At 5 PM that same day, a 20-minute panel called "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" is scheduled, and will be hosted by Will Arnett (who played Batman in LEGO Batman). The panel's one-line description reads "Will Arnett hosts the highly anticipated video game reveal from Rocksteady Studios, creators of the Batman: Arkham franchise."

It seems likely that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be the game's final name--or, if not, killing the Justice League will at least be your objective within the game. The game's poster shows a version of Superman--or possibly Bizarro--with an ominous purple light emanating from his eyes.

It's unclear what systems these games are for, how they'll play, or whether they will be single-player or multiplayer titles. Hopefully all will be revealed at DC FanDome. Fans can also expect more information on the Snyder Cut of Justice League during the event.

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