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Suggest A Mad Box Game Console Slogan And You Could Get Free Games For Life

You'll probably need to wait at least three years to play them, though.


In keeping with its trend of asking potential customers to weigh in on the creation of its Mad Box game console, Slightly Mad Studios apparently wants to crowdsource a marketing slogan for the machine. Studio head Ian Bell asked potential customers on Twitter for their best take on a catchy phrase to sell the box, offering money and free games for the winning entry.

Bell made the tweet Saturday, and later added some rules to the impromptu contest, asking everyone to contribute their one best idea, instead of covering his Twitter feed in a pile of random suggestions. According to Bell, by Sunday he'd received some "epic suggestions," and the studio's social media team was "furiously combing and collating" all of them. Bell didn't say the studio would definitely use a crowdsourced suggestion for the Mad Box slogan, but he said he thought the studio probably would, since so many good ones were coming in.

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Bell and Slightly Mad have made a lot of use of Twitter since the announcement the Mad Box was in the works on Friday. On social media, Bell said the Mad Box would be the "most powerful console ever," and also used the social media platform to show off potential designs for the console.

For all the talk surrounding the Mad Box over the last few days, however, there's still not much known about it. Bell said the console would support virtual reality hardware at 120 frames per second, for instance, but also that Slightly Mad is still working on deals with component makers to determine what hardware would be used with the console. There's also no information yet about what the Mad Box might cost or exactly when we'll see it--Bell said it probably won't be available for three years.

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