Suffering sequel confirmed

Ties That Bind to reprise 2004's prison-based horror shooter; this time Torque will fight his way through inner-city Baltimore.


Midway has officially confirmed plans to release The Suffering: Ties That Bind, the sequel to last year's horror action game The Suffering, for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC this fall. Details emerged regarding the new title last month, when its official Web site was launched.

In the original game, players assumed the role of Torque, who was imprisoned for the murder of his wife and kids. Ties That Bind sets the burly ex-con loose on the streets of inner-city Baltimore so he can exact revenge on Blackmore, the man he believes is actually responsible for his family's deaths.

Ties That Bind is being developed by Seattle-based Surreal Software, maker of the original game. According to Surreal president Alan Patmore, the sequel's storyline is even darker than that of its predecessor. However, it will also feature the same moral focus as the original, where gamers' choices alter the course of gameplay. Torque's insanity mode, which transforms him into a powerful monster, also returns.

For more on the game, including its new trailer (also viewable below), see GameSpot's previous coverage.

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