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Sudeki Updated Impressions

Microsoft gives us an updated look at the upcoming Xbox RPG.


It's been almost a year since we last got a proper look at Sudeki. The upcoming Xbox RPG has been in development for a good chunk of time now in the halls of UK-based Climax, who's no stranger to developing on the Xbox. The game has undergone quite a few changes since development has wrapped up. We got a look at the latest version of it, which is shaping up to offer an experience that should be unique on the Xbox.

Check out this video tour of Sudeki, hosted by Jason Avent of Climax Studios. Click the "stream" option for a closer look.

The game's story has remained basically the same: You'll guide a quartet of heroes on a quest to discover information about the dark forces that are invading their world. As you progress through the adventure, you'll discover some rather unnerving info on the light and dark elements of the land that will turn everything on its head.

We were given a brief run through several of Sudeki's levels and were shown combat to illustrate how far the title has come. The graphics in the game have seen a healthy leap in detail, which highlights the original character designs and world. The game's look, which consists of a mix of anime and European influences, definitely stands apart from the standard crop of RPGs. The demo also showed off the light and dark world incarnations of the environments in the game, in addition to the differences between the two.

Combat has changed a bit because the system has seen some tweaks and additions. The most significant of these is the introduction of a first-person camera mode that aids in targeting during battle, which is especially useful for ranged weapons. A more minor tweak is the removal of the tandem spirit strike attacks, which were "summonlike" magic attacks.

There's quite a bit more to Sudeki's evolution into its current incarnation, which we'll be covering once we get our hands on a previewable version of the game in the coming weeks. Until then, check out our interview with a member of the development team on our media page. Sudeki is currently slated to ship this June for the Xbox.

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