Suda 51's barmy action title Killer is Dead coming to PC

Includes Smooth Operator DLC and new difficulty mode.

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Suda 51's barmy action title Killer is Dead will jump to PC this May.

Publisher Deep Silver will release the PC version under the title of Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition, to be sold physically and digitally for $19.99/£19.99.

New to the PC version will be a new difficulty mode, Nightmare, where enemies can only be defeated with Adrenaline Burst, Dodge Burst, and Headshot attacks. You can also wave goodbye to the Final Judgement finisher.

The PC version will also feature the Smooth Operator DLC pack, which is unlocked after the game's third episode, and a theater mode that allows players to rewatch cutscenes with "extended background information" on the game's cast of characters.

Deep Silver did not mention who was handling the PC port, or whether there would be any visual upgrades and improvements.

But is it worth picking up? GameSpot's Mark Walton slapped a score of 5 on the PlayStation 3 version of the game last year.

"Unless you have a voyeuristic curiosity about Japanese games and culture," he wrote, "[Killer is Dead] simply can't hold its own against its far more entertaining contemporaries. It's too immature, too confusing, and far too unrefined to be anything more than a strange, mildly amusing distraction."

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