Suda-51 mulling Natal, PS3 motion-control projects

Q&A: Grasshopper Manufacture CEO considering new IP for Sony's and Microsoft's motion-sensing systems; admires Heavy Rain's attempt to bring "new experiences" to players.


No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle was released in the US to critical acclaim in January and is heading to Europe next month. The CEO of developer Grasshopper Manufacture, Goichi Suda--commonly known as Suda-51--was in London yesterday to talk about the game's upcoming launch and his future plans.

Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda.
Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda.

Talking to GameSpot UK, Suda said he was "very interested" in making games geared towards Project Natal and the upcoming PlayStation 3 motion controller, which he saw firsthand at last year's Tokyo Game Show. This isn't going to be just an expanded port of No More Heroes, however. "I will make some original IP to fit that control system," Suda said.

Suda went on to explain that it took some time playing with the Wii to work out exactly how No More Heroes was going to work and that he anticipated doing something similar with Natal and the PS3 motion control systems. Any new IP would have to be designed with the control scheme in mind to make sure the end product is as good as possible, he said.

Suda also expressed admiration for Heavy Rain, saying he would "very much like" to make a title in a similar vein at some point in the future, as he likes the idea of "new designs and anything that gives new experiences to the players." Suda believes such a game might be tricky to make with "the current generation" of Japanese developers. However, he thinks as developers become aware of the "different tastes" of the three major markets--Europe, North America, and Japan--it might become easier.

Suda also addressed No More Heroes' relative lack of success in Japan, where Marvellous Entertainment has yet to confirm a release date for the sequel. He said that Western gamers are more open to games that are "silly" or "nasty" than those in his home country. He shrugged off suggestions that the Japanese development industry was not in good health, joking that the problem was just that journalists were upset at not being able to play No More Heroes 2 at TGS 2008.

Finally, Suda teased that he might have something new to show off at this year's Tokyo Game Show, though he wouldn't elaborate. Tune in to GameSpot UK's video show Start/Select next week for more from Suda-51, as he shows off a couple of his favourite parts of No More Heroes 2.

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