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We've got a copy of NBA Elite 11 in the office and we're looking to answer all the questions you've got about EA's new basketball sim.


NBA Elite 11
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With just over a month to go until the release of EA's rebranded basketball sim NBA Elite 11, a preview build has just arrived on our desk here in the GameSpot office. A lot has changed this year besides just the name. EA is taking a big gamble with a move to dual-stick controls, similar to what we've seen in recent iterations of its NHL series. In fact, those who've played EA's skate series would probably feel some similarities as well.

So if you've got any questions about this new control system, go ahead and post in the comments below. But don't stop there. The build we've got covers pretty much the entire game, so go ahead and ask us anything ranging from create-a-player to how virtual Marv Albert is holding up these days. We're looking to post a follow-up sometime next week with the answers to your questions. So have at it!

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