Stuntman re-igniting this summer

Details come forth for THQ's next-gen edition of the stunt-driving franchise; game set for summer release, confirmed for 360, PS3, PS2.


Stuntman Ignition

The original Stuntman.
The original Stuntman.

Most driving games ask players to complete courses in the fastest possible time, avoiding collisions at all costs. However, that all went out the door in 2002's Stuntman for the PlayStation 2. When the narrator (a Hollywood film director) asked players to "Hit the boxes!" gamers put the pedal to the metal and crashed through a pile of crates, all in the name of cinema.

Now it's almost time for gamers to once again change their middle names to "Danger." Previously revealed by Atari in early 2006, Stuntman: Ignition, the game's follow-up, was formally announced today by THQ. The publisher acquired the Stuntman license and the game's developer, Paradigm Entertainment, last May from Atari. Stuntman: Ignition is due out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 2 this summer.

Ignition will carry on the original's spirit of honoring the Hollywood stuntman by tasking players to drive vehicles on location during a film shoot. There will be more than 25 different types of rides, including motorcycles, sports cars, and hovercraft. Directors will ask gamers to make improbable jumps and other dangerous stunts in one take--and make it look easy. The sequel will also feature online multiplayer, pitting fall guy versus fall guy on movie sets, back lots, or user-created sets.

Stuntman: Ignition has not yet been rated by the ESRB or priced. For more information on the game, check back soon for coverage of THQ's Gamers' Day.

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