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Stunt Cars, Diatomic lead week's WiiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Headliners joined by Moki Moki, Rubik's Cube puzzler, while Blaster Master, Earthworm Jim 2 rise on VC; Little Pet Shop, Bejeweled Twist-ing onto DSi.

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The weeks in 2009 continue to dwindle, and still Super Smash Bros. and Pilotwings remain absent from the Nintendo Shop. This week, NES classic Blaster Master ($5) joins SNES staple Earthworm Jim 2 ($8). Nintendo also has a ranging set of new additions to its original-game platforms for the Wii and DSi, including four new WiiWare titles and five DSiWare additions.

Icon Games' Stunt Cars leads off the WiiWare pack for 800 Wii points ($8). Supporting play for up to four, the racer sees gamers racing micro machines around an elevated racetrack, where driving off the side is always a danger. Grendel Games' Diatomic also falls in that 800 Wii points price point, dropping players into a petri dish as they fend off a variety of microscopic organisms.

Miami Nights brings the bar scene to the DSi.
Miami Nights brings the bar scene to the DSi.

Two puzzlers also arrive on WiiWare this week. Moki Moki, from Natsume, is available for 800 Wii points and sees players altering the environment of 100 different levels to lead a herd of the titular creatures to safety. In Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush, gamers are charged with guiding color-coded cubes to their appropriate exit points across 70 levels. The 600 Wii point ($6) game also includes the original Rubik's Cube puzzle game.

Electronic Arts' Littlest Pet Shop opens up on DSiWare this week for 800 DSi points ($8). The animal-rearing sim is joined by Gameloft's Miami Nights, a person-rearing sim that also costs 800 DSi points. The game lets players design an avatar and then customize more than 40 different attributes for the virtual persona. Gamers can then explore a digital version of Miami, complete with more than 30 different locales.

Casual-game kingpin PopCap weighs in this week on the DSi with Bejeweled Twist. Available for 500 DSi points ($5), the puzzler presents a jewel-filled playfield, with gamers charged with matching like gems for points. The game also accommodates a two-player battle mode.

Virtual Toys' Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam also hits the DSi this week for 500 DSi points. The kitchen-management sim has players attempting to satiate the palettes of such diverse clientele as vampires, extraterrestrials, mafia thugs, and Vikings. Nintendo's Master of Illusion Express: Matchmaker represents the final DSi release this week. The magic-trick companion uses the handheld's camera to guess people's ages as well as guess other personal information.

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