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Studio loses Doom movie

[UPDATE] After a year of development hell, Warner Bros. loses rights to the shooter-inspired project. However, who exactly is making the film is unclear.


For once, the latest development in game movie news is not John Woo-related. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety reported that the long-delayed Doom movie has switched studios after lingering at Warner Bros. for nearly 18 months. According to the terms of the contract between id Software and Warner Bros., if no progress had been made on the film after 15 months, the film rights to Doom would revert back to id.

[UPDATE] Although Warner Bros. had a completed script for Doom, id preferred to take the project elsewhere. However, exactly where the film is headed is now in doubt. Both the Reporter and Variety reported that Universal Studios picked up the project today to be the feature debut of commercial and music video director Enda McCallion. Both papers also reported that Lorenzo di Bonaventura and John Wells will produce the project under the supervision of Scott Stuber, Universal's vice chairman of worldwide production.

However, when HomeLAN's John Callaham contacted id Software's Todd Hollenshead, he had a different story to tell. Although he did confirm id had re-secured the rights to the Doom movie and DiBonaventura and Wells were attached, Hollenshead asserted that "we remain a 'free agent' at this time and multiple studios are interested in the project." As is often the case, the roadblock appears to be money. "The studio question at this point primarily involves the financing," said Hollenshead diplomatically.

The film Doom will be based on the oft-delayed Doom 3, which is now due on PCs this summer and on the Xbox this fall. Doom 3 is itself a remake of the original 1993 Doom; both games recount the tale of a hardened space marine who finds his space station overrun by a demonic horde. No release date for the film has been set. For more on Doom 3's epic development, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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