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Streets Of Rage 4's Soundtrack Has Four Legendary Artists Including Yuzo Koshiro

Prepare for some bare-knuckle music.


Streets of Rage 4's soundtrack is being created by a veritable supergroup of legendary Japanese composers including Yuzo Koshiro, the composer of the soundtrack for the first three games in the beloved beat-em-up series. Joining Koshiro is Motohiro Kawashima, who is known for his work on Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3, as well as Shinobi 2, and the Batman Returns video game. Yoko Shimomura, one of gaming's greatest composers, is also contributing. Her list of works is vast and includes some of gaming's most beloved titles, including Street Fighter 2, the Kingdom Hearts series, Super Mario RPG, Legend of Mana, and Parasite Eve.

Another Sega alum, Hideki Naganuma, is also working on Streets of Rage 4's music. His credits include the fantastic Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future soundtracks, in addition to Super Monkey Ball and Sega Rally 2. Finally, Ninja Gaiden, Captain Tsubasa, and Tecmo Bowl's Keiji Yamagishi is also on board.

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Since Streets of Rage 4 was announced the question of whether Koshiro would be returning to lend his talents to the soundtrack has been key for fans of the series. Not only is he returning, but along with him developers Dotemu and Lizardcube have gathered an all-star team of talent.

"Among these names stand some of the most legendary and memorable musical architects in video game history," said Streets of Rage 4's executive producer Cyrille Imbert. "Since we first announced the title last fall, fans have been asking who will be involved in the game’s soundtrack as it is a vital element to the Streets of Rage games. We are thrilled to confirm this world-class lineup of musical talent for Streets of Rage 4."

Alongside the announcement, a video offering insight into the direction the team is taking for the soundtrack has been published. For fans of the series, it has lots of interesting tidbits of information, including the fact that Koshiro pitched a Streets of Rage sequel, but Sega, which owns the property, wasn't interested.

We played Streets of Rage 4 at PAX West 2018. GameSpot's Alessandro Fillari said "the game reflects its predecessors' history and legacy." He went on to state that the gameplay feels familiar, with the developers citing Streets of Rage II and Streets of Rage 3 as being starting points. Read our full Streets of Rage 4 hands-on preview for more.

A definitive release date for Streets of Rage 4, and the platforms it will be released for, are unknown as of yet.

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