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Streets of Rage 4 Developer Has A Switch DLC Fix Ready To Go

The fix has to be approved by Nintendo before being released for Switch players.


Dotemu, the co-developer behind Streets of Rage 4, has a fix ready for the game's DLC on Switch but will have to wait for a review from Nintendo to release it.

While Streets of Rage 4 players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC have been able to play the game's new DLC, Mr. X Nightmare, since July 15, Switch players haven't been so lucky. Streets of Rage 4's latest expansion has been unavailable to download on Nintendo's console due to a bug that prevents players from actually purchasing it.

The developer now has a fix for that bug, but Switch players will still have to wait a bit longer to pick up Mr. X Nightmare. According to a tweet from Dotemu, "The fix is currently being reviewed by Nintendo." It does seem like the developer managed to get some leeway from Nintendo though, saying, "The process usually takes several days, however, given that situation, the validation timeframe will be shortened."

Dotemu also said that it expects a response from Nintendo "very soon."

The expansion that Switch players have been unable to purchase, Mr. X Nightmare, is a pretty significant one. It adds three new characters to the game, along with a survival mode, extra moves for characters, and more weapons. A sizable patch for Streets of Rage 4 also arrived with the DLC that impacted the game significantly. Every character was either buffed or nerfed, and combat in the game is now much more fluid, with players being able to perform combos instead of single hits.

In GameSpot's Streets of Rage 4 review, writer Heidi Kemps praised the game for its good looks, solid sound design, and exciting gameplay. "All in all though, Streets of Rage 4 is an admirable comeback for this long-dormant series," wrote Kemps.

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