Street Slam dunks Virtual Console

Nintendo Store Update: three-on-three basketball title from 1994 hits nostalgic download hub; WiiWare welcomes Robox, Gene Labs; DSiWare adds Paul's Shooting Adventure, Peg Solitaire.


No Caption Provided The first week of November proves to be a busy one in Nintendo's virtual marketplace, as the Japanese game-maker added six new titles to its storefront this week.

Leading the charge this week on the Virtual Console is Street Slam (900 Wii points, or $9). From D4 Enterprise, the one- to two-player basketball title was first released on the NeoGeo in 1994. In the game, players can choose from 10 teams and take their basketball skills to the streets. Gamers can transcend normal basketball skills by completing midair passes, slam dunks, and supercharged power shots.

Street Slam dunks like it's 1994.
Street Slam dunks like it's 1994.

Switching to WiiWare, Nintendo added two new titles today, the first of which is Robox (1,000 Wii points, or $10). From DreamBox Games, the single-player title thrusts players into the role of an "exploratory probe" sent to a bizarre planet. After crash-landing on the planet’s surface, the player must traverse the landscape and battle its inhabitants as he searches for his missing mechanical pieces.

The other WiiWare title arriving today is Frontline Studios' Gene Labs (500 Wii points, or $5). A one- to two-player arcade shooter, the game takes place "in a world of genetic science and experiments" where a deadly virus is spreading like wildfire. The objective of Gene Labs is to inject the antivirus solution to affected cells and to keep the strain from spreading.

For the portable gamer, Nintendo added three new titles to its download space today, the first of which is Paul's Shooting Adventure (200 DSi points, or $2). The title casts players as Super Baby Paul, who bears the title "Ultimate Pacifier." A side-scrolling shooter, Paul's Shooting Adventure sees big baby Paul attacking an alien invasion with his vast weaponry skills.

Also hitting the handheld store today is Peg Solitaire (500 DSi points, or $5). From Circle Entertainment, the one- to two-player title is the latest virtual take on the classic card game. The title sports five levels and 41 stages for those looking to stay sharp and hone their skills.

The last title arriving on DSiWare today is the DS version of Gene Labs (200 DSi points, or $2). Its publisher did not note any differences between the DS and Wii versions of the title.

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