Street Racing Syndicate driving onto PC

Namco clears up confusion surrounding the non-console version of its racing game; fall 2004 release planned.


When the Web site for Street Racing Syndicate went live earlier this week, it created some confusion about Namco's rival to Need for Speed. Previously, the game had been announced for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox. However, on the SRS site's home page sat the PC game logo.

GameSpot contacted a Namco representative, who confirmed that a PC version was in the works. "We actually have never sent out an official announcement on the PC because we don't have a ship date nailed down yet," the rep said. "It is definitely coming but it'll be a bit after the console versions (which all ship at the end of August)."

For those unfamiliar with the long story behind Street Racing Syndicate (aka SRS), the game was first announced at the 2002 ECTS by its then-publisher, 3DO. When 3DO went bankrupt in August 2003, the still-incomplete game was sold to Namco for $1.5 million. Throughout its sojourn, SRS has been in development at UK-based studio Eutechnyx. For more on the game itself, start up GameSpot's latest preview.

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