Street Fighter X Tekken First Look Preview

We go hands-on with Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter and Tekken mash-up.


One of the biggest surprises at Capcom's recent Captivate press event was a fully playable demo of Street Fighter X Tekken, the upcoming fighter mash-up that combines the Street Fighter franchise with Namco's Tekken series. Originally announced late last year at San Diego Comic-Con, the game has been kept under wraps, leading many to believe development on it was proceeding slowly. However, producer Yoshinori Ono surprised attendees with a meaty first look at the upcoming game, which included actual hands-on time. While the work-in-progress version we played was far from finished, there were plenty of hints as to where the incredibly promising final combat system is heading.

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Ono's presentation kicked off with a look at the game's trailer and a very top-level overview of combat mechanics. He explained that the upcoming game will feature a broad roster of fighters and a new game system that will offer content that both Street Fighter and Tekken fans will appreciate. The game's core controls will revolve around the standard six-button Street Fighter configuration of three punches and kicks. Ono noted that many of Tekken's combos will work if you choose to use only four of the six attack buttons, but longer combos will be possible if you use all the buttons. The other central mechanic to the system is switching between fighters, which will be accomplished by hitting the medium punch and kick buttons.

Once the overview was done, Ono showed off a new trailer that highlighted the characters in the playable demo. Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken, Guile, and Abel from Street Fighter were showcased alongside Nina, Kazuya, Marduk, King, and Bob from Tekken. Following the trailer, Ono made it clear that there would be more announcements surrounding the game's roster coming at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, San Diego Comic-Con in July, and GamesCom in August.

After laying out the basics and teasing some of the content in the game, Ono encouraged attendees to try out the demo and see what could be discovered in the work-in-progress version of the game. We were surprised to find a host of elements hiding in plain sight in the playable demo that made some radical changes to the Street Fighter system. First and foremost is the tag mechanic, which follows Tekken tag-style swapping that requires you to manage your fighters, especially when they're low on health. If you don't swap in a brawler with full health before your fighter is dealt a death blow, you'll lose the match, because the game doesn't automatically toss in your remaining fighter a la Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (MVC3). Next were throws, performed by pressing the light punch and kick buttons. These came in two varieties: basic standing throws and tossing your opponent right or left by holding a direction on the controls.

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Another unique entry to each fighter's moves is an MVC3-style launcher move performed by pressing fierce punch and kick, which seems to be a perfect setup for combos. Each fighter also possessed a super meter that was broken into three segments that could be used to perform EX versions of any of their special moves. If you charged it to full you could perform a super move. While this was all good stuff to see, our most interesting discovery had to be the unique charge moves every fighter had (except Abel, who was missing it in the demo we played). The sure-to-be-controversial charge moves appear to let you charge up one move on each fighter and unleash a powered-up attack. What's interesting is that there appear to be three levels of charging players can do that include a regular special move, an EX version of the move, and a full-on super combo. What's interesting is that the moves don't appear to lower your super bar, making it theoretically possible to chain or perform some crazy combos. We also noticed it was possible to swap in a partner while in the middle of performing a combo and have your partner join in on the pummeling.

In terms of specifics on the characters, most of the Capcom characters have been left intact from previous incarnations. Ryu has a new dash move, and Chun-Li has unfortunately had her lightning leg neutered to a half-circle controller motion and button press. Still, once you practice with the new mechanics, the charging definitely mixes things up. On the Tekken side, Nina, Kazuya, Marduk, King, and Bob were on hand to try out. The characters looked great and handled surprisingly well.

Battles were interesting as the Tekken side of the roster offered a selection of fighters that mostly appeared to have a disadvantage from a speed standpoint. We have to wonder if the selection of playable fighters was done to prove a point, because none of them, especially the slow-moving ones, had much trouble with projectiles once we got their moves down. Each of the fighters handled well and piqued our interest for what the game is going to offer.

The visuals in the game are a cross between the cartoony look of the recent Street Fighter revival and the more photo-realistic approach used in the Tekken series. The result is a cleaner overall look to the character models that skews toward finished comic book art. The three stages we played looked great and, in the case of two of them, showcased some familiar touches from one of the franchises. The first was a standard training area that was a basic white room. The second was a ruined street scene that had the battle taking place in front of a battered Capcom Plaza building with a large mech collapsed in the background and more moving around a freeway overpass in the distance. The third was something out of Jurassic Park, with the first round of the battle kicking off on a walkway above a Tyrannosaurus pen holding two of the large critters chained to posts. For the second round, the fighters hopped off the walkway and onto the ground, which let us get a glimpse of Alex, everyone's favorite boxing-glove-wearing raptor, watching from the foliage.

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Based on what we played, Street Fighter X Tekken is a fun, smart blend of the two franchises. The fighting system's meshing of elements from each series is shaping up shockingly well considering the disparity between the two. While we're not totally sold on some of the tweaks we've seen so far (Chun Li, why?), we have to say there's a lot to be excited about in the upcoming game.

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Avatar image for Zero-iced

I love my Fighting games, and this is a must get! Tekken against Street Fighter is just WOW, Although im a Marvel fan aswell as a huge Street Fighter fan....I did buy all the Marvel Vs Capcom games out there, But for some reason im more swayed into playing this than any of them? Still im undecided on who will grab the upper hand in this game, i guess we'll just have to wait and see...Round one...Fight!

Avatar image for v-lo21

def getting this game already on my wish list this game is going to rock!

Avatar image for ShadowofSonic

................HOLY &$^%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for xxKai

Two very different gameplay mechanics, not sure how it's gonna be played out but I do sure hope it'll work

Avatar image for punisher1

cant see this going right. those two games have different play styles. Like for me I never enjoyed street fighter. But tekken was more friendly toward a player thats not a pro fighting game player.

Avatar image for annoyingdevil

I dont think it will be a good idea to have to games because the online multiplayer will be lacking people from 1 game

Avatar image for Illuve

Burning_Typhoon said: Yet, there are fighting styles in tekken that are totally not practical in a real fight... "In real fight"? If we're talking about a real fight then I'm going to have to go with the take-a-gun-and-blast-you-in-the-face style of fighting developed by the well known Glock. I'll take that over your fake hadoken or even your weird upside-down spinny kick thing anyday.... Plus, nowadays martial arts is defensive, not offensive. So "in a real fight" isn't even applicable. Don't forget, it's just a game people play.

Avatar image for glassesboy

Is it me, or everytime I see a Tekken character, he's getting is a$$ handed to him by a Street Fighter dude?

Avatar image for Shadow_Fire41

@Wexorian i take it you never heard of Namco Vs. Capcom, it was only released in Japan and like Marvel Vs. Capcom, there are alot of series and crossovers, its not a fighting game however, its a Strategy RPG.

Avatar image for rain_ishigawa

see this differentiates fighting game aficionados between fanboy noobs... street fighter and tekken are both excellent fighting games and quite honestly they are both fighting games that are pioneers in they're niche ... so mashing them up is just an excellent idea ... and for those people who claim that tekken is more "realistic" the mere fact that jin and kazuya can become devils isn't less far fetched than ryu shooting a hadoken... and oh yeah, people who think the street fighter characters are going to be unbalanced because of the fireball attacks then that just means you cant play competitively... hence noobs... im not defending street fighter in fact it's the reverse tekken characters have good movesets that offsets the character animation of fireball shooting characters ....

Avatar image for zo70

Tekken Sucks

Avatar image for JD_Escobar

i find that pretty much everyones moves are all Karate styled, probably because the majority of characters are based on ryu, where as with tekken theres a clear difference in the style the characters used, like law looks like jeet kune do, and wang tai chi, though there both kung fu styles

Avatar image for Styvan

@ dh4m13l: I've been practicing martial arts for more than 25 years now and I enjoy both games. Yes, Tekken is "closer" to reality even if juggles spoilt it a lot imho. Street Fighter is more Wu Xia Pian like. To me Tekken without juggles, bounds and weirdos would be THE fighting game (it already exists, it's called Virtua Fighter) still that doesn't mean SFxT won't be a fun game ;)

Avatar image for Luwker

Looks nice. Wouldn't buy without a demo though

Avatar image for dh4m13l

@Styvan lol :-) yes, you're right, what I meant is that, since I practice martial arts, I find the *moves* and the way Tekken characters move (with some exceptions...) closer to real life move than Street Fighter. Playing Tekken for a while inspires me to go to my gym and do some shadow boxing. I don't get that kind of inspiration from Street Fighter or any other fighting game. And yes, even if there's a panda and a kangaroo, I find it more realistic.

Avatar image for jobo030

@dh4m13l their is also Tekken x street fighter which is being developed by namco so u get the best of both worlds.

Avatar image for Styvan

@ dh4m13l Tekken realistic? As Typhoon said, what's real in juggling bears?

Avatar image for aayush251

wow I loved street fighter and tekken since I was kid now to see them both in one game Hell Yeah!

Avatar image for dh4m13l

I love the Tekken way of controlling your character (one button for each limb) and how realistically they move, as if you were playing a fighting simulator instead of a fighting game. This is a Street Fighter game and not a Tekken game, that's whey I feel disappointed. They are simply using the Tekken name to have a game that will sell maybe more than simply a Street Fighter V, but will not satisfy Tekken fans. The game looks good, but I would have preferred a more Tekkenish touch to it.

Avatar image for wiserat4

@Burning Typhoon Not to be attacking or anything, but what did you not like about Marvel vs. Capcom 3? I'm just curious, because I was interested in buying it (mostly for Deadpool and Dante).

Avatar image for wiserat4

I'm actually very disappointed after watching the video interview. I was curious how a 2-D fighters was going to cross with a 3-D fighter and after see my favorite Tekken characters abridged into a 2-D formula, I'm appalled. I love Street Fighter, and I love Tekken. But this is blasphemy!

Avatar image for BigGhost_AJT

@malfreds: AGreed. I'm already tired of the Tekken formula and characters. I'm well on my way to being tired of the SF4 formula as well. Good idea but I too was expecting something a little fresher.

Avatar image for malfreds

It's just a SFIV with Tekken chars. Totally dissapointed, I was expecting something new, fresh, something more like tekken gameplay. Now there are no more remaining fighters, as SNK old-school and now Tekken have been absorbed by SF world. I won't be surprised if someday in the future, we see SF vs Nintendo. Honestly speaking.

Avatar image for SMDoles

This looks to be coming along surprisingly well. I haven't really played a Tekken game since a long long time ago on PS2 so I'm interested to see some of those characters make a come back. I hope they add Martial Law and Fei Long so I can have a Bruce Lee doppelganger team. "WWWHHHAAAAA" every 2 seconds. I should have put this post on the Xbox 360 version of this game. I'm stupid, what can I say. "WWWHHHAAAAA!" I guess...

Avatar image for NoLifeGamin

I LOVE the Tekken characters, but thought the gameplay got kinda boring over the years. Street Fighter and MvC's gameplay is something I absolutely adore, but found the character designs to be somewhat simplistic and overall not as interesting as Tekken's characters. Now with Street Fighter X Tekken, IT'S GOT EVERYTHING TO MAKE ME HAPPYZZZ!!!!! ^_^

Avatar image for alkaline_DnB

I think I'll wait untill the Super Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade version comes out before buying...

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

@frazzle00 as for Tekken 6 I'm still gonna play my card and say that just because it's not your kettle of fish doesn't stop it being a great, deep, balanced fighter at the top of its peak. I reckom you'd enjoy it a lot if you gave it the time of day fellow gamer :). Till then play what you will, its your life after all.

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

@frazzle00 well at least we can agree that street III ts and virtua fighter are great fighters, actually it's good to hear you liking a 3D scrapper. Because of your disapproved list I was given the idea you hated all in the 3rd dimension. There is hope for you yet.

Avatar image for ThatManTrama

I've been playing tekken since tekken 3, and i really don't like how tekken looks in StreetFighter x Tekken. Because i really don't like Streetfighter (for the SF players don't be offended) first when you get a hit in your opponent the effect is it pauses for i think like one second. That effect the pausing/lagging thing when you hit your opponent. That's what i hate, and they applied it with tekken characters and i hate it.

Avatar image for wexorian

@Shadow_Fire41 namco vs capcom what you want to see Naruto vs Ryu? that kind game will ruin both amazing franchises. :))

Avatar image for annoyingdevil

Why did they add bob? they better ad rufus then

Avatar image for soyt_llusala

I can't wait for this game!

Avatar image for taevion0

dam i love those loser portraits from sf2, hilarious especially ur zangief one

Avatar image for jfexsmits

I want to play game

Avatar image for Shadow_Fire41

wait.........they got together and made this and WE CAN'T GET NAMCO VS. CAPCOM!? god dammit. also, can we PLEASE get another Breath of Fire game?

Avatar image for acealexander702

This game already looks amazing, can't wait to see how Tekken x Street Fighter (Tekken gameplay) will turn out!!

Avatar image for FireworkerV2

Stop ruining games with your evil themes SF

Avatar image for greengreenbean

Two of the best fighting games combined .....sounds cool!

Avatar image for Supericano2

also to everybody saying it's leaning towards SF type gameplay...the game is called Street Fighter X Tekken so it's extremely safe to say that Tekken X Street Fighter will lean toward Tekken style gameplay

Avatar image for Supericano2

Bob is nowhere near slow in Tekken....

Avatar image for M-Yu

they changed Chun-Li's lightning legs to a half-circle motion and a kick button They should switch it back to the mashing motion

Avatar image for hellpolice

Wow! Finally I have been waiting news on this for a while!

Avatar image for MarluxiaVI

@lozvil Yeah I agree it seems to be leaning toward street fighter design (which isn't bad Im a fan of both designs and games) My issue is ...I guess two parts. 1. even though its leaning towards street fighter I see grainy parts in that video. I originally thought this game was going to be 2d, again looking at that video (thank god its not.) 2. I guess my other issue is that if its a mashup it should combine both aspects of the games meaning design and gameplay (they seem to have the gameplay part pretty good for now) I just hope its not going to be like marvel vs capcom 3 and have a horrible story

Avatar image for lozvil

good job on the translator, it's lively to listen, not just like the girl that's so boring to hear...

Avatar image for lozvil

@MarluxiaVI yah, i agree with you man, it's favoring so much in street fighter (which is not really bad) but it doesn't really look like tekken... :( we'll just see in the final release. i'm pretty sure i'm getting this first day though... :)

Avatar image for MarluxiaVI

I think my issue right now is the graphic/design aspect. It doesn't really feel like street fighter or tekken hopefully they'll brighten it up a bit