Street Fighter V's Rose Will Pummel You With Tarot Magic

The fighter returns after appearing in Street Fighter IV.


Capcom has released a new gameplay video for the previously teased Rose, who is making her return to the series in Street Fighter V very soon. The tarot-wielding fighter is an unusual character who will keep her enemies off-balance with a mix of melee and magical abilities.

Rose's signature abilities make use of tarot magic and can grab and slam down enemies from range, and she can also use anti-air attacks to keep them from closing in. She's also capable of mixing it up with punches and kicks when need be, as well as powerful magical counters that will punish anyone who plays too aggressively in a corner. Almost all her attacks see flowing ribbons moving through the air, which is both gorgeous and a little distracting to whoever she's beating up.

Rose is available through both the Season 5 Premium Pass and the Season 5 Character Pass. Both give you access to five characters, and the final character is expected to arrive this fall. You don't get quite as much with the Character Pass, but it does still include all five characters and some special costumes and color variants. These passes are available on both PS4 and PC.

Street Fighter V has now been the franchise's go-to fighting game for more than five years and has since been updated with the Arcade Edition and Champion Edition content. It has also continued showcasing its characters in other games, with Ryu and Chun-Li both making guest appearances in Fortnite. Yoshinori Ono, who had worked as an executive producer on the series for more than a decade, departed Capcom in 2020.

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