Street Fighter legend Daigo dominates EVO 2013 champion at PAX

Daigo "The Beast" Umehara beats current EVO champion 10-0 during PAX show matches.


Street Fighter and fighting games' most decorated player, Daigo Umehara, smashed current EVO 2013 champion Kun "Xian" Ho 10-0 in a Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition show match at PAX Prime.

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Daigo and Xian squared off at Mad Catz's Unveiled event during PAX; the company is both players' main sponsor. The event marked the first time either player had played in front of a live crowd since EVO 2013, where Singapore's Xian became champion for the first time, and Daigo suffered a crushing loss to Korea's Sun Woo "Infiltration" Lee for the second year in a row.

"He has a new strategy against me when he plays me," Xian said in an interview days before the match. "He reacts to what I'm doing depending on the situation. He forces me to play a footsies game. He wants me to go in, he wants to play defensive."

Playing defensively is exactly what Daigo did. Watch the full match below, with Daigo Umehara as Ryu and EVO 2013 Champion Xian as Gen.

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