Street Fighter IV PC Hands-On

We try out Capcom's PC conversion of its Street Fighter revival.


Street Fighter IV

Capcom had the PC version of Street Fighter IV on hand at its recent European press event. The game is a conversion of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of the game that was released this past February. The conversion is faithful to the look and handling of the console games and sports some minor tweaks for the PC. We got some hands-on time with the game and were pleased by how it's looking.

Street Fighter IV on the PC will feature all the modes and characters found in the home version of the game, so you can plan on a host of single-player and multiplayer modes to sink your teeth into. The game is Windows Live compatible, so PC owners who pick it up can expect the same achievements and downloadable content offerings that have been made available in the weeks following its release for the Xbox 360. The one tweak to the DLC is that while specific plans are still being finalized, it sounds as though the content may be bundled up into one costume pack offering. While a nice touch, we reckon PC owners might have appreciated having it all thrown in for the price of the game since they've had to wait a few extra months, but so goes the joy of DLC.

The game was running on a respectably powered laptop and ran just as well as its console cousins. The visuals were also on par with those in the console versions, although we were told there would be some improvement in the shader effects, depending on your video card. As far as control goes, the laptop the game was running on had an Xbox 360 controller and the most awesome Mad Catz wired gamepad. In addition, you can expect the game to support the Mad Catz Xbox 360 arcade sticks, which should cover everyone's control needs.

Based on what we played, Street Fighter IV for the PC is shaping up to be a solid conversion of the console games. Given the state of fighting games on the PC, SFIV should be a welcome option for PC owners looking to bust some tail. Street Figher IV is currently slated to ship this summer for the PC.

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