Street Fighter IV gets its own HDTVs

Roundtable Concepts introduces a range of LED sets branded with brawler's characters and officially licensed by Capcom.

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Branded accessories are one way game companies can capitalize on a particularly diehard fan base. When some gamers find a new favorite title, simply buying a $60 game might not be enough. They might supplement their craving for the game with a plethora of branded trinkets, including novels, headsets, joysticks, night-vision goggles, or perhaps even a 46-inch HDTV.

Roundtable Concepts is betting that the market for that last one is largely underserved, as the company today announced its line of officially licensed Street Fighter IV HDTVs. Set to launch in the coming weeks, the LED TVs will be available in 32-inch, 40-inch, 42-inch, and 46-inch sizes and will feature the customer's favorite Street Fighter character or logo on the bottom corners of the casing. Additionally, when the TVs are turned on, they will display a Street Fighter graphic for eight seconds.

A Street Fighter splash screen will display for eight seconds every time the TV is turned on.
A Street Fighter splash screen will display for eight seconds every time the TV is turned on.

Roundtable Concepts already sells a number of licensed HDTVs. The company has a full line of TVs featuring Marvel Comics characters, as well as a handful of "Team View" sets for fans of college football. Fans can now show their school spirit whenever they sit down to watch the boob tube, provided they are fans of the University of Miami, the University of Central Florida, Florida State, or The University of Florida. The college-branded HDTVs even have celebrity endorsements, with former Florida quarterback Danny Wuerffel raving, "Team View really does make it better!"

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