Street Fighter, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry Characters Come Together In New Puzzle Fighter

Puzzle Fighter returns!


Capcom has announced it is developing a new entry in the Puzzle Fighter series for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Capcom Vancouver, the studio that took the lead on the Dead Rising series following its first entry, is developing the new Puzzle Fighter. The game is scheduled to soft-launch in select countries "soon" and a global release in "late 2017."

Puzzle Fighter is a gem-matching game in which players go head-to-head against each other or against AI. The back and forth in these battles is represented by cutesy versions of Street Fighter characters brawling in the middle of the screen.

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In a press release, Capcom said the new Puzzle Fighter will feature fan-favourite characters such as Ryu, Ken, and Chun-li from the Street Fighter series, as well as X from Mega Man, Morrigan from Darkstalkers, and Frank West from Dead Rising, among others. Each of these characters will be brought to life with "[voice over] and cinematic special moves."

The promotional image released alongside the announcement shows the version of Ken featured in the game is from Street Fighter V. On top of that, Dante from the Devil May Cry series and Jill from the Resident Evil series will also be in the game. Screenshots also show Mike Haggar and E. Honda will be included, though they may be support characters.

The new Puzzle Fighter will have an assist mechanic that allows two extra characters to be picked in order to "further enhance the abilities of the main character."

"We've aimed for simple yet highly addictive puzzle action where you will strategically build up gems and destroy them to unleash epic combos that can knock out their opponent," Capcom says on its blog. "We're especially excited that we’ve been able to create real-time player-versus-player gameplay on mobile devices, bringing all the action of head-to-head Puzzle Fighter on the go."

Capcom has not yet announced a price for the game or whether it will feature in-game monetization. Check out the promo art and some screenshots from the game below.

Click here to view in full screen
Click here to view in full screen

In related news, Capcom has partnered with iam8bit to release a working Street Fighter II SNES cartridge to celebrate the game's 30th anniversary. However, it comes with a somewhat bizarre caveat: the cartridge could cause your SNES console to catch fire.

The 30th anniversary cart costs $100, and only 5,500 are being made. The color of the cart is randomised with your order between Opaque Ryu Headband Red (4,500) and translucent glow-in-the-dark Blanka green (1,000). Shipping starts at the end of November.

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