Street Fighter Alpha PSP movie out

Sequel to the 1995 Street Fighter II TV series is a Ryu-centric animated movie for the Sony portable.


Street Fighter Alpha 3
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie has kicked its way to gamers' PlayStation Portables, distributor Manga Entertainment and Street Fighter developer Capcom announced today. The 100-minute animated feature, a sequel to the 1995 Street Fighter II: V television series, follows mainstay Ryu as he encounters longtime sparring partner Ken, faces his inner demons, and eventually challenges his nemesis, Akuma. The only announced extra included with the $19.99 feature is a behind-the-scenes documentary of the movie's creation. The release of the Street Fighter PSP movie comes amid a flurry of Street Fighter Alpha-related products: Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, whose preorders included free stick-on D pad controller attachments, was released in February on the PSP to rave reviews. More recently, a compendium of the Alpha games--Street Fighter Alpha Anthology--was released June 13 on the PlayStation 2.

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