Street Fighter 5's Next Update Will Include Balrog and Ibuki, Watch New Trailer Here

The boxer is back.


Street Fighter 5's next update will include two new characters and launches on July 1, Capcom has announced.

The boxer Balrog will be returning to the fighting game series with both new and familiar moves in his arsenal. Balrog will be rolled out alongside Ibuki, who was originally scheduled for a May release, but was delayed. The update will also include the long-awaited story mode.

Balrog was showcased in a new video shown at CEO 2016, a fighting game tournament that is a part of the Capcom Pro Tour 2016. The trailer also showed short glimpses of upcoming characters Juri and Urien.

Balrog was a part of the roster in Super Street Fighter IV, an update for 2008's Street Fighter IV. His Street Fighter V incarnation appears to possess a number of rush-down and overhead punches, as well as a spinning punch that allows him to bypass projectiles. Balrog's V-trigger appears to be an executable move that rushes forward and can possibly be chained into other moves.

Capcom has been releasing regular updates for Street Fighter 5. Previously, a trailer showcasing the ninja warrior Ibuki was shown. She will be available at the end of June, along with the game's Story Mode.

Balrog will be the game's fourth DLC character, following Alex, Guile, and Ibuki. The remaining characters are Juri and Urien. All six characters are earnable through gameplay without having to pay, though they can also be purchased with real money. Street Fighter V is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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