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Street Fighter 5's Next DLC Character Is Juri

Juri joins the fight in July.


The next fighter to join Street Fighter 5 will be Taekwondo practitioner Juri Han. The announcement was made by producer Yoshinori Ono during fighting game tournament EVO 2016.

Speaking during a panel, Ono confirmed that Juri will be available to play by the end of July. A more specific release date was not provided.

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Juri was featured in the story mode expansion for Street Fighter 5 and, on PC, the data files for the character have been used to make her available early. There is plenty of video footage of the character available online, for those who want to see how she plays.

During EVO, Capcom released new DLC to support its Pro Tour events. Among these are new costumes for Chun-Li and Cammy, which can be purchased for $6. A third "mystery" costume is also available, but it won't be revealed until later this year.

A new stage called Ring of Destiny, which is themed after the Capcom Pro Tour, is available separately for $10. The stage will be updated over the course of the year with new banners and images depending on the Capcom Pro Tour event happening at the time. In its current iteration it features EVO banners.

All this content is part of a $25 bundle, which also has an exclusive color option for all 22 characters, and two exclusive titles (Capcom Cup 2016 and Capcom Pro Tour 2016).

The money generated by the DLC will be added to the prize pool for the Capcom Cup. The total winnings will grow "based on the content download numbers," according to the publisher. It's unclear how much money each purchase contributes, however.

You can see all the Capcom Pro Tour DLC in the video above.

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