Street Fighter 5's First Monster Hunter World Costume Challenge Begins Next Week

Here's when you can get your hands on Street Fighter V's cool Monster Hunter costumes.


On top of the Street Fighter gear you can craft in Monster Hunter World, Capcom is offering a set of Monster Hunter-inspired costumes for Street Fighter V. Three outfits based on some of the series' most iconic monsters are coming to Capcom's fighting game soon, although getting your hands on them will require a bit of effort and a lot of Fight Money.

Unlike previous DLC outfits in Street Fighter V, players can only acquire the Monster Hunter crossover costumes by completing a specific set of challenges in Extra Battle Mode. These challenges will be held each week over the span of a month, and only by completing all four will you earn that costume. You'll also need to spend 2,500 Fight Money each time you attempt one of these challenges, so each outfit will run you at least 10,000 FM, assuming you can clear every challenge on your first try.

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The first weekly challenge kicks off next week, on February 27, and will be for one piece of Ibuki's Kirin Armor. The following week, players will have a chance to earn the first part of the Zinogre Armor set for R. Mika, while Ken's Rathalos armor will be up for grabs starting March 15. Each challenge will only be available for a limited time, so you'll need to play Extra Battle Mode regularly if you hope to obtain all three costumes. You can take a look at the outfits in the gallery above.

The full schedule for each of the Monster Hunter costumes can be found below and on Capcom's official blog. Capcom says you can also earn extra rewards for taking on any challenge that you've already cleared, although the publisher didn't reveal what these rewards will entail, and you'll still need to pay 2,500 Fight Money each time you attempt to get them.

The first Street Fighter Event Quest in Monster Hunter World is available now, but only for PS4 players who have save data for Street Fighter V on their consoles. Completing the quest will reward you with materials to create a Ryu costume for your hunter. A second Street Fighter Event Quest will follow later and give players a chance to craft a set of Sakura gear. Both of the quests will eventually open to all PS4 and Xbox One players. We've put together a guide detailing how to unlock the Ryu armor set.

Street Fighter V Extra Battle Mode Schedule

Ibuki's Kirin Armor

  • Challenge 1: February 27 - March 8
  • Challenge 2: March 8 - March 15
  • Challenge 3: March 15 - March 22
  • Challenge 4: March 22 - March 29

R. Mika's Zinogre Armor

  • Challenge 1: March 8 - March 15
  • Challenge 2: March 15 - March 22
  • Challenge 3: March 22 - March 29
  • Challenge 4: March 29 - April 5

Ken's Rathalos Armor

  • Challenge 1: March 15 - March 22
  • Challenge 2: March 22 - March 29
  • Challenge 3: March 29 - April 5
  • Challenge 4: April 5 - April 12

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