Street Fighter 5 Will Have Alex And Urien, Says Report

Two classic fighters are seemingly on the way, though Capcom has not officially confirmed them.


Two fan-favourite characters from Street Fighter 3 will be announced as playable characters Street Fighter V, according to a new report.

Citing unnamed sources, Siliconera states Alex and Urien will be announced in the future. Both characters made their debut in the Street Fighter 3 series of games, and were not featured in its sequel, Street Fighter IV.

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Of course, Capcom has not yet confirmed these characters officially. When asked for a comment, a Capcom representative said it "it has not made any announcements" but "[will] have more news on the Street Fighter V line up very soon."

In December of 2014, a Street Fighter community member used a special tool designed to help players practice combos and view hitboxes to unlock the camera in Street Fighter 4. Using this took a look at background assets in various stages and, among the Half-Pipe stage, he found a billboard with Alex on it stating "I will be back."

Urien, meanwhile, is the brother of Gill, the main antagonist of Street Fighter 3 and leader of the the Illuminati group pulling the strings behind the tournament. In Urien's story he covets the power Gill holds and wants to attain complete control of the Illuminati. However, in Gill's ending this power--or at least some of it--is given to Alex.

More recently, Capcom announced Street Fighter Alpha character Nash will be returning to the franchise. The character, believed to be deceased, now bears the forehead diamond previously worn by Urien and Gill, suggesting a link between the characters and perhaps paving the way for Urien's return.

As you can tell, Street Fighter lore is confusing.

Capcom recently detailed the upcoming Street Fighter V beta, which is set to begin on July 23 at 6 PM PT on PlayStation 4. The beta will have a total of six characters to play, but will launch initially with four, with Cammy and Birdie joining later.

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