Street Fighter 5 to be Supported Until "2020 or So," Says Capcom

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Capcom is planning to support Street Fighter V "as far as 2020 or so," says the game's executive producer, Yoshinori Ono.

In an interview with Famitsu (translated by Event Hubs), Ono replied to a question about Street Fighter V's development schedule going forward by saying, "It's not just a 1-2 year thing. We're looking pretty far ahead ... We've planned out as far as 2020 or so."

Fellow producer Tomoaki Ayano then added, "Street Fighter V is a title we're adding on to as it goes along, so we're working on it while planning ahead on the best way to develop it further."

Ono went on to discuss the chances of the game's publisher, Capcom, releasing a non-Street Fighter fighting game before the next entry in the SF series: "I'd be happy if we could. But first, we'd have to solidify Street Fighter V as an eSports title. I said in the beginning that we've seen a higher number of entrants than we had in the Street Fighter IV era, but we'd like to heighten that even further.

"The more people participate, the bigger tournaments we can host, and the more people are going to watch them, which is directly connected with our sales, and that's going to decide the future."

In an attempt to make Street Fighter V more tournament-friendly, Capcom recently banned the game's latest stage, Skies of Honor, from use in the Capcom Cup. The publisher is teasing another new stage and character, though it's not yet clear if these will be used in the upcoming tournament season.

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Avatar image for Uche12345

"202 or so"?, no, no. That can't...even...jeeze...Capcom can't do this!

Avatar image for slypher9

sure, because you don't have any other major titles to work on..

Avatar image for tmthywtsn

Strengthen it with a fucking arcade mode Crapcom and round amount selection in the options menu.

Avatar image for jondo94

That game is ass I think instead of keep upgrade the need to change the whole gameplay cause the 2d screen is just ugly. Don't get me started on them one hit high attack low attack cheesy hits is just stupid. The game have slot of potential with the special move but visual the visual is garbage I thought the would been change it like on the ps2 when they made street fighter ex3 you was about to escape your opponents attacks better than being stuck in a freaking corner. But that my opinion as being a gamer and playing this wack ass game it like a waste of money to me cause it not really different from playing old ones back in the 90 it just go a graphic update and that all no different or extra special move nothing just the same old garbage gamplay.

Avatar image for 1nUrF4c3

@jondo94: you obviously are not a fighting game player! Sfv is (now) a great fighting game. Graphics are not top notch, but gameplay is. You should play/buy tekken 7 if you like 3d graphics in a FG.

Avatar image for jonnybrownieboy

Good to hear, a long lifespan and cross play will make sure it has a dedicated community until the next installment. Hopefully rose,c.viper and poison get added in 2017.

Avatar image for wanderz

this is why i intentionally wait to get most games, there will at some point be a "complete" edition with all (or at least most) of the DLC for less then the cost of the original game without all the dlc, that's when i'm likely to get it...

because i've been doing this for a while, i still have plenty of games to play and plenty that i still haven't bought. :)

granted that works a LOT better on pc where you can still play games that came out 5 years ago on the current system, or you stay behind on consoles as well, such as still playing ps3 / xbox 360. :)

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@wanderz: Or you could just purchased used.

Avatar image for wanderz

@CyberEarth: wow, haven't checked my notifications in a while.

used console games (at least from store) save you about $5 - $10, and still don't have the DLC, which will be the same price.

buying used games off craigslist and ebay can sometimes save you a lot, and sometimes they want more then the games cost new... and sometimes the game is damaged, so i very rarely bother with those, unless i can't find the game in a store.

Avatar image for DWalker131

layman's terms "we're gonna nickle and dime you with DLC's until 2020 or so"

Avatar image for 1nUrF4c3

@DWalker131: gameplay wise u don't need to buy anything, since u can earn everything with FM. Just the new costumes you need to pay with real cash, if you want them.

Avatar image for jonnybrownieboy


I'd rather be nickle and dimed on a game with longevity than see a new installment every year. Game devs have to make money and its either one or the other.

Avatar image for vexxouds

Where is guy Capcom?

Avatar image for Jimbowesker

@ Don't know if there is any truth to it, but I have heard rumors that the first 2 characters will be Akuma followed by Sagat. This will one day be a great up to standards fighting game. In my opinion, it already is but understand for those of you who have been let down by Capcom one too many times. I feel ya'll too

Avatar image for louixiii

We'll see

Avatar image for nurnberg

Yeah, supported with hundreds of dollars worth of DLC. The DLC model in this game disgusts me.

Avatar image for 1nUrF4c3

@nurnberg: what's the problem with the DLCs? I didn't pay one cent since I bought the game and have 5 characters (almost 6) and a few new stages. All bought with FM. Wished all game producers would offer this kind of dlc. And not the pay to win principle that is used everywhere, while no one complains about that.

Avatar image for jonnybrownieboy


Although i can agree that character dlc could be more consumer friendly, the skin dlc is pretty good. Skin dlc is only 4 bucks a piece and you can pick which ones you want instead of buying them in bundles or god forbid, an RNG case. Also most dlc is completely optional. Fighting games typically have long lifespans so these kind of microtransactions are necessary to keep the game afloat.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@jonnybrownieboy: I don't think that's the case at all. DLC in a fighting game that's trying to promote itself via eSports doesn't require DLC to keep itself afloat.

Avatar image for jaseyiu

They have my full support starting 2021 then. I'm talking about any capcom games.

Avatar image for fig56

@jaseyiu: Is that when Capcom goes belly up and completely stops making games?

Avatar image for derceto

You assume you'll still be in business in 2020. RE VII's flop should put quite a damper on your financials.

Avatar image for stage4saiyan

@derceto: RE7 won't flop

Avatar image for iaruelas

@stage4saiyan: I'm not buying it and many I know I tired of that franchise

Avatar image for lordstrategery

@iaruelas: As we know, anecdotal evidence is always truth.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c56012aaa167

@derceto: why? because it doesn't play like Remake ?

Avatar image for supamastergamer

Great game ! but the grind to get enough money for a new character takes too long ( i know I can pay but They should have made it more like marvel VS capcom 2 !

Avatar image for StonerDemon

Good game, but I prefer BlazBlue any time.

Avatar image for aquamah

lol.... what?

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

Cool, now please press a new disc with all the updates baked in

Avatar image for sladakrobot

translation...Capcom needs up to year 2020 to complete the game

Avatar image for juiceair

Will it be out of beta by then?

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

Joke? Capcom won't be around in 2020.

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

Gotta love the "...or so"


Avatar image for cboye18

Hmmm I think Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator is the superior fighting game this time around.

Avatar image for lorikat

@cboye18: Amen to that!

Avatar image for metallinatus

So, about that Darkstalkers being not dead story....

Avatar image for lorikat

Hopefully it will have an arcade mode by then.

Avatar image for DeadPhoenix86

@lorikat: it should have been available since day 1. in fact this game should have been released a year later on. because it simply wasn't finished back in February :/

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