Street Fighter 5 Stage Removed Over "Unintentional Religious References"

The new Thailand Temple Hideout stage has been temporarily taken down.


Just days after its release, Capcom today removed a new Street Fighter V DLC stage, Thailand Temple Hideout, because it contained "unintentional religious references" in the background music track.

In a today, the publisher explained that it has removed this DLC from sale and is conducting "emergency server maintenance" to remove the track and replace it with music from another stage.

If you managed to buy the new Thailand stage, you can continue to use it, though once the server maintenance is finished, you'll get the new music. At a later date, Capcom will release an "edited version" of the stage with new background music for people to buy.

Up-to-the-minute details on all of this will be shared through the Street Fighter V server Twitter account.

The new Thailand stage is set in a Buddhist temple, but the background music references Allah. The video above (via Kotaku) shows off the stage as it was originally presented.

"The Street Fighter V development and operations team, as well as all of us at Capcom, have nothing but the utmost respect for all faiths and religions around the world, and we would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by this content," Capcom said.

The Thailand stage was first seen in earlier Street Fighter games. When it was available to buy, it cost $4 or could be purchased with 70,000 Fight Money.

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