Street Fighter 5 Receiving Three More Retro Costumes And A Classic Stage



The next batch of Street Fighter V costumes has been revealed, and the outfits are all about nostalgia. Alex, Ibuki, and Juri will all get retro-style costumes next week. In addition, Capcom will release a classic stage alongside the new outfits.

The costumes and stage all are inspired by older Street Fighter titles. The stage, Suzaku Castle, is Ryu's home level, and it originally appeared in Street Fighter II. "Forget Guile's jet, Ryu's temple roof stage is where the truest of warriors fought for arcade supremacy back in 1991," Capcom said in a blog post.

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Alex's costume, meanwhile, is inspired by his look in Street Fighter III. He's got longer hair and new green pants. Ibuki's outfit also comes from Street Fighter III and is described as "more rugged" than her normal costume. Finally, Juri's is from Street Fighter IV. You can see images of the stage and the costumes in the gallery above.

The costumes and stage will launch on July 25; the outfits will run you $4 each. Although Capcom hasn't stated the price of the stage officially, if it follows past stage DLC, it'll likely cost $4 as well.

In other news, on Sunday, July 16, you can catch the Street Fighter V EVO finals live on ESPN 2. The competition will air starting at 7 PM PT/10 PM ET.

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