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Street Fighter 5 PS4/PC Graphics Will Only Get Better, Producer Says

The version of the fighting game shown so far is in the early stages of development, Yoshinori Ono says.

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Unimpressed by the graphics for PlayStation 4 and PC fighting game Street Fighter V? Not to worry, as Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono says the game's visual performance is only going to get better with time.

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In this week's issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Ono says, via a translation by Siliconera, that the version of the game you've seen so far still "needs a lot of work." The graphics will keep getting better, he said, adding that he hopes fans think of Street Fighter V as if development has only just begun.

You can get a better look at Street Fighter V's graphics through the video above from last weekend's Capcom Cup tournament, where we got to see a live match for the first time. It's Ryu vs. Chun Li.

Ono also revealed new Street Fighter V gameplay details. While the new game will include most of the basic moves from past installments, there will also be new ones, he said. You'll also be able to bust through the walls of a stage to proceed to the next round.

Street Fighter V was officially announced during Sony's PlayStation Experience community event in Las Vegas earlier this month. The game is coming exclusively to PS4 and PC, and cross-platform play between the two systems will be supported.

Capcom has not yet set a release date for Street Fighter V.

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