Street Fighter 5 PS4 and PC Release Window, Sales Target Revealed

Capcom fighting game due on PlayStation 4 and PC by April 2016; expected to sell 2 million copies initially.


Capcom's upcoming fighting game Street Fighter V now has a release window. As part of the company's latest earnings report, Capcom revealed that Street Fighter V will launch during its current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2016. This matches up with the game's rumored spring 2016 release window.

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Street Fighter V is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC, and will feature cross-platform play between both systems.

Also during Capcom's earnings report, the company revealed a sales target for Street Fighter V. The game is expected to sell 2 million copies by the end of Capcom's current fiscal year. This figure includes copies sold digitally and through traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets, Capcom clarified.

Street Fighter V was announced in December as a PS4 and PC exclusive. Just recently, Capcom announced that it plans to run a public beta test that it claims will be the "largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history." A date for when it will begin hasn't been shared, but we do know you can guarantee yourself access by pre-ordering the game.

Capcom's latest earnings report showed a yearly revenue decline. Read the full report here.

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I wonder if people on PC would have an edge over people on PS4 since most people on pc use lower latency monitors not tvs, wired controllers that also has lower latency, and wired ethernet that also has lower latency than wifi, each of them might not be that noticeable for most people, but if you combine them together with the fast phase of fighting games (although I don't know how fast SF5 is) it may or may not be something to consider.

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Not getting it. SF was best in the 90's

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Looking forward to it!

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This game looks great.

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Let`s hope that Capcom learned that they need to unite the community and not divide it like they did with SF IV.

2 PC versions fiasco (steam, GFWL), Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox one, 3DS... plus 4 version of the game (vanilla, Super, Arcade and Ultra)... not to mention each versions are incompatible!

I hate Warner, but they did it right with characters. Pay for additional characters if you want to, but if you don`t want to use them, at least let people able to fight them online. This way everyone is playing the same game and not 10 iterations of it.

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What's with those super unrealistic muscles? Are they on drugs?

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@justbefahad: Are we talking about Gears of War?

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That's a very short time considering this is a new entry in Street Fighter, the best fighters normally hone balance in the arcades for a good year or longer. And it's not officially in arcades yet. . . They have three in the roster with heavy changes that need being made based on the testing events.

This is bad news, sounds like it's going to be a rushed project.

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@RSM-HQ: Really? Because I haven't seen MK in arcades in years. Also don't think SF X Tekken was released in arcades either. MK X was given under 3 years development time, this will have about 2 and a half years development time.

What it sounds like is you're reaching...

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@Stogin: Well if you feel Mortal Kombat X and Str X Tekken are the pinnacle of the fighting genre? I'll let you keep your way of thinking.

Then look at Guilty Gear Xrd, a far more polished fighter than the two you mentioned without question. And was in arcades for over a year.

Sounds to me you're not understanding how important balance is in a fighter. That's why you fall on Mortal Kombat and a fanservice game with RPG p2w elements.

You certainly won't see Tekken 7 rushed to consoles.

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@RSM-HQ@Stogin: I agree with that Guilty Gear statement, I got it on sale for ps4. I was expecting a masher, but that game is unbelievably refined yet somehow wide open when it comes to combo tactics and style. you just have to work. (assuming every character is like chip in this way). 3 months later I'm still in training mode. I love other fighters but i think GGxrd is by far the best out there in terms of quality. the dlc approach kinda sucks though.

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@jonsypher5@RSM-HQ@Stogin: I'd just wait for Xrd Omega. Out 2016. Like StreetFighter; Arc is known for multi-editions.

With that said I personally rank Tekken Tag 2 as the best fighter in terms of balance, and content worthy of the respect of its fanbase.

Guilty Gear is a fantastic series though, I miss Jam :( she was always my main.

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Windows are fine. Don't give me a release date and then push it back. That would be awesome.