Street Fighter 5 / Overwatch Crossover Mod Means You Can Now Fight as Sombra



Street Fighter V and Overwatch may be completely different games with a separate cast of characters, but that hasn't stopped YouTuber TheJamk from putting Overwatch's newest hero, Sombra, into Capcom's fighter.

The mod puts Sombra in place of Street Fighter V's Laura, essentially acting as a re-skin--so no new moveset, unfortunately. It's a pretty impressive feat, regardless.

This isn't the first mod of its kind, either. Users had previously modded Tracer and Mei into the fighting game, as well as Roadhog, Reinhardt, and D.Va.

Both games' publishers have been in the news recently, with Capcom stating it will support Street Fighter V until "2020 or so." Overwatch publisher Blizzard, meanwhile, is working on an unannounced first-person project, and may be about to introduce a Christmas-themed event into Overwatch.

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