Street Fighter 5 News Coming This Week

"At last, I've got my wish!!" producer says about the announcement.


Capcom is gearing up to make a special announcement about Street Fighter V, and thankfully for fans, they won't have to wait long to hear the news. Veteran producer Yoshinori Ono says on Twitter that Capcom will make the announcement at PAX Prime this coming weekend, even though he won't be there himself.

"Unfortunately, I'll be not able to visit to PAX prime in this weekend," Ono said. "However we're making preparation new something announcement for SFV! I'm excited about it announcement!! ;D"

"At last I've got my wish!! I'm sure that it will make you happy," he added.

Ono didn't provide any more details, saying only that fans should "please wait" until PAX Prime. No specific time or date for the announcement was provided. PAX Prime runs August 28-31 in Seattle.

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GameSpot will be on the ground at the show, bringing you all the news as it happens.

In other Street Fighter V news, Ono says Capcom will soon announce a re-start date for the Street Fighter V PlayStation 4 beta for North American and Latin America. The beta had a rocky rollout last month.

It was originally scheduled to launch on July 23. When it went live, however, players began to report problems. Capcom repeatedly reset and rebooted its servers, but to no avail. The beta was later abandoned, with Capcom assuring fans it "will be extending the beta period to make up for the issues we've been experiencing."

Street Fighter V launches in spring 2016 for PS4 and PC. Cross-platform play between the two platforms will be supported.

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