Street Fighter 5 Leak Indicates Penalties for Rage-Quitters

It's like a shoryuken for your profile.


According to screenshots from NeoGAF user Moradin, an upcoming update for Street Fighter V will introduce punishments for rage-quitting players, in the form of a profile badge and other restrictions.

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The screenshot above clearly shows that a rage-quitting player (right) will receive a death's head icon on their profile, while the player that never rage-quits (left) will get a shield icon.

According to the tutorial tooltip "Penalties will be incurred for disconnecting during a match, including LP (League Points) reduction, and temporary matchmaking restrictions."

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Another feature mentioned in the leak is the ability to choose your own music to coincide with different game events, such as versus matches, training, ranked matches, and casual matches.

In other Street Fighter V news, Akuma is the new character coming to Season 2, Rashid’s new stage will have you fighting on an airplane, and a crossover mod allows you to fight on the streets as Sombra.

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