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Street Fighter 5 Gets New Characters, Beta Details Announced at E3 2015

Familiar faces join the fight.


Two new fighters have been added to the Street Fighter V character roster, with Street Fighter Alpha's Birdie and Super Street Fighter 2's Cammy joining the fray.

The new character's where revealed at Sony's E3 2015 press conference, along with details of an upcoming Street Fighter V beta test.

According to Capcom and Sony, the alpha test will begin in July 23.

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Birdie, who hasn't been in a Street Fighter game since Alpha 3, is one of the few characters that has multiple V-Skills, all of which revolve around consuming some sort of food and drink.

Birdie is able to eat a banana and throw the peel on the floor, which the enemy player will slip on if approached. He can also knock back an energy drink and roll the can across the floor to knock the other player out of an animation, and he can also wolf down a donut.

For his V-Trigger, Birdie eats a hot pepper and enters a powered up state, making all his attacks--particularly his bull charge--even more deadly. In his Critical Art, he wraps up the opponent in chains and uses him or her as a skipping rope.

Cammy, meanwhile, is as fast and as deadly as ever. She retains many of her iconic moves, such as her Spiral Arrow, Canon Spike, and Canon Strike. Her Spin Knuckle is now her V-Skill, and allows her to advance on characters trying to control space with fireballs.

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Her V-Trigger skill drastically increases her ability to pressure--and overwhelm--her opponent. When in this state her Spiral Arrow will push through to the other side of her enemy, even if blocked, taking big chunks of the guard meter at the same time.

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Capcom has recently poured cold water on speculation that future iterations of Street Fighter 5 could appear on Xbox One.

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