Street Fighter 5 Gameplay Video Shows New Character Ed In Action

Balrog + M. Bison = Ed

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Capcom has released a Street Fighter V trailer showing off Ed, the newest character to join the fighting game's roster. Ed returns from Street Fighter IV, where he was featured in the story but wasn't available as a playable character.

Having been raised by Balrog, Ed's fighting style leans towards boxing, but he also utilises kicks, unlike his teacher. As the subject of experimentation at the hands of M. Bison, he's also able to channel Psycho Power since he shares genes with the Shadaloo leader.

In the trailer we're given a look at some of his key abilities, including the Psycho Snatcher V-Skill, which pulls his opponent towards him. His V-Trigger, Psycho Cannon, creates a ball of Psycho energy that slowly advances towards his enemy. Finally, his Psycho Barrage Critical Art is a flurry of Psycho energy-enhanced punches. Check it all out in the video above.

Ed will be available to play from May 11-14 during the Capcom Fighters Network Beta. As for his actual release, Capcom said that he will join Street Fighter V "soon."

The Capcom Fighters Network beta runs from May 11-14 on both PC and PS4. You don't need to own Street Fighter V in order to take part, as it will be open to everyone on both platforms. Cross-play will be enabled, so you'll be able to take on players from both platforms. In addition to Ed, all other previously released DLC characters will be accessible during the beta.

Ed is one of the characters included as part of Street Fighter V's Season 2 Character Pass. The pass is available for £24.99/$29.99 and also includes access to Akuma, Kolin, and three other fighters that will be released in 2017. Premium battle costumes and different colour variants for outfits are also included.

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In related news, Capcom has said it won't release new balance changes as part of Street Fighter V Season 2 until it has finished reworking the Capcom Fighters Network platform.

"We know you're all very eager for the new CFN but we also want to ensure it meets all of our expectations before it officially launches," it explained in a statement.

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Isn't that controversial stage that supposedly had the muslim singing in the background?

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@Pelezinho777: Yes, apparently they thought giving it some super lame hiphop would be more appropriate.. at the very least they should have went with some Wu-Tang

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Plain name, but moves look cool

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You know, that is pretty cool of Capcom to let you play DLC character for free, even if for a limited time. Maybe they are not as money hungry as they used to be.

Ed looks pretty dope. Think it might finally be time to buy SFV. Wanted to wait after seeing it's release controversy but now might be the time to buy.

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@seven7swords: If that was the case, he's be free period so trust...they're as money hungry as ever

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@louixiii: He is free if you care to grind for in game currency.

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@chibamariners: Not the same. I actually have enough for 3 characters and only used it on one but is free. This isn't free

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At first I thought he was just going to be some kind of gender swapped Cammy with an almost identical move set but seeing him in action quickly puts that thought to rest. Definitely see some of Balrog in there too. Going to be interesting when he finally releases. Better start saving that fight money now.


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@videogameninja: Wow is the only reply I had in mind. He is rather cool

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This game is great. Just wish I was better at fighting games.

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@midna: You and me both.