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Street Fighter 5 Doesn't Penalize Rage-Quitters, Capcom Addressing That

Capcom is working on some kind of solution so that "all fans can enjoy and be rewarded fairly."


Many online multiplayer games penalize players for quitting a match before it ends, but Street Fighter V, released this week on PlayStation 4 and PC, is not one of them. Eurogamer discovered that there is no penalty system in the game for people who "rage-quit." Players who quit a match before the game can send results to Capcom's servers don't register a loss or a victory. Now, Capcom has confirmed it's working on a solution.

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"I can confirm that it is something we are going to be addressing to make the gameplay experience one that all fans can enjoy and be rewarded fairly for," a spokesperson told Eurogamer.

However, right now there is no word on how this will work or when the system will be implemented.

As Eurogamer explains, the lack of a penalty system for early quitters is a big deal for ranked play because it essentially allows people to prevent themselves from falling down the ranks.

Street Fighter V launched on Tuesday and faced a number of connectivity and matchmaking problems, most of which have now been fixed.

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