Street Fighter 5 Coming to PS4 and PC Next Spring [Update]

Capcom quietly reveals when we'll be playing its new fighting game.


Street Fighter V
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[UPDATE] In a statement sent to GameSpot, Capcom said that "Spring 2016" is not a solid release date.

It wrote: “The date that was listed on Capcom Unity was just a tentative release time and no official announcements have been made regarding the release of Street Fighter V”

The original story is below.

Capcom appears to to have revealed the release window for Street Fighter V.

In a blog post regarding its PAX East merchandise, Capcom says, "Everyone is fired up for Street Fighter V coming to the PS4 and PC next spring."

The publisher hadn't offered any timeline for the game's release previously, although both Amazon and Best Buy have been listing an unofficial release date of March 31, 2016 on their websites.

GameSpot has contacted Capcom for comment and will report back if we learn anything more.

Street Fighter V was announced in December as a PS4 and PC exclusive. Just recently, Capcom announced that it plans to run a public beta test that it claims will be the "largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history." A date for when it will begin hasn't been shared, but we do know you can guarantee yourself access by preordering the game.

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    Avatar image for tightwad34

    Don't they have to release at least 3 more versions of SFIV first?

    Avatar image for TheLeftHandDoom

    If the game is going to be released on PC, presumably on Windows and Direct X, why can't it easily be ported to the XBox One? It's the same system, isn't it?

    Avatar image for deactivated-58e3156c76d0d

    << LINK REMOVED >> MS refused to allow cross platform game play, Sony said OK and helped develop the game. It's using Unreal Engine 4, there is a chance it will work in Steam OS and not just Windows.

    Avatar image for regular_jo1987

    << LINK REMOVED >> Sony has a console exclusivity deal with Capcom for the game. Capcom also uses Playstation for their tournaments.

    Avatar image for Stogin

    The sooner the better, can't wait!

    Avatar image for zoopsat

    So we got to wait 6 months after that for the announcement for Xbox One?

    Avatar image for cboye18

    That's kinda stupid; who cares about the release date of the release window of a game?

    Avatar image for gottago42

    Street Fighter 5 looks exactly like Street Fighter 4 it's the same game just with a little better textures no big deal

    Avatar image for deactivated-58e3156c76d0d

    << LINK REMOVED >> SF 5 uses Unreal Engine, SF 4 uses an inhouse engine. The game play in all SF games is generally the same with some small twists. It will look a lot better on PC, there's a huge gap in the age of the engines. SF 4 is pretty old, almost a decade.

    Avatar image for esperprincess

    << LINK REMOVED >> SOrry but it does not if you have been paying attention. Also, this is super super early alpha stuff. It's nowhere NEAR completed. Especially from the crap they showed recently where Chun Li is shooting an endless stream of kikokens across the screenw tihout any meter depletion >.> all Morrigan UMVC3 style....

    THe same? So many different things can be seen in the first preview trailer that distinguish it greatly. Idk what ur looking at

    Avatar image for ketsuhige

    << LINK REMOVED >> no it doesn't. As someone who has played every single Street Fighter title since the very first one (you probably weren't even born yet), SF5 doesn't look "exactly like SF4". That's actually what worries me about this one. It looks way too damn slow.

    Avatar image for eventuallygreat

    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You gotta wait for Super Mega Ultra Double Street Fighter V Deluxe Turbo+ for faster speeds, bruh

    Avatar image for gottago42

    Okay so STFV will probably release fall of 2016 or Capcom will probably delay it again lol

    "Goes back to playing Killer Instinct"

    Avatar image for davillain-

    Gamespot, stop bumping these news article that was already posted on the weekend.

    Avatar image for dylandr

    i will wait till they release the super ultra arcade edition like always!

    Avatar image for jimmydonegood

    I will get super street fighter 5 on xbox one. PS4 and pc can beta test it for me.

    Avatar image for davem1992

    << LINK REMOVED >> Just keep dreaming, you're never getting it.

    Avatar image for errpac

    There's been no information of any sf5 going to the Xbox. The only little information out there points to sfV being consol exclusive to the ps4. You must be confusing this with tombraider.

    Avatar image for zoopsat

    << LINK REMOVED >> come on man you and I all know it's coming. Why waste the money on half the console market. Mass Effect came and this will.

    Avatar image for gottago42

    @errpac Who cares about Street fighter 5, Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat X are better fighters

    I wouldn't buy street fighter 5 even if it were coming to Xbox One

    Avatar image for davem1992

    << LINK REMOVED >> Killer Instinct better than SFV?!


    Avatar image for esperprincess

    << LINK REMOVED >> Real or salty?

    MK better? ehhhhhhh idk about that. Killer Instict I havent played but I luv fighters. I'd take all three. Street Fighter is the Mother of fighting games and gets extremely technical....

    Idk what ur talking about

    Avatar image for Mindwipe77

    Its so far away, who cares? MK 10 is right around the corner

    Avatar image for nyran125tk

    I dont need it. I have ultra. I paid for all the Street fighter 4 updates. It looks a little slicker , but it doesnt look massively better than Street fighter 4.

    Avatar image for esperprincess

    << LINK REMOVED >> be prepared for major changes. If youve ever played any street fighter to street fighter.... it's going to be different. I mean so far...the stages are longer, they have stance changes, there are otgs present, lauchers and light air combos, parry and counters, destructible environments.... and that's just from the first trailer.

    It's going to be different. You can already tell

    Avatar image for zayzay3142

    After Street Fighter IV's gazillionth update, I just feel so unsure and cautious about buying Street Fighter V right away. It seems like a waste of money. Maybe I'll just buy it and hope Capcom doesn't screw us over with 100 dollars worth of DLC that is actually worth nothing. I don't care about having 15 costumes for a character. I care about the characters moveset, frame data changes, how the character has been more balanced and so on. You know, things that matter for your character in a fighting game. So with Super Street Fighter V Platinum Edition version 2.0 Arcade being released a year after, I feel like I just got ripped off.

    Avatar image for esperprincess

    << LINK REMOVED >> then don't buy optional outfits?

    THey have doen several free updates within the move from super to ultra. and the only needed upgrade was ultra...which then added Omega and costumes for free.

    Avatar image for DonBaser

    Isn't next Spring a couple of weeks from now? Last I checked 21st of March is when Spring starts..

    Avatar image for gottago42

    It's releasing spring of 2016 not this spring

    Avatar image for DaBigTickett

    Thank God MKX is releasing shortly.

    Avatar image for BradBurns

    Isn't Chris Pereira's pic from Just 3 Boyz, that weird fake Tim and Eric sitcom?

    Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

    Same Turd new Polish....

    Avatar image for muay_thai_kick

    I'll be getting the PS4 street fighter V bundle

    Avatar image for inces5ant

    Who cares? How is Capcom still even funding this?

    Avatar image for Nightelf123

    << LINK REMOVED >> Hardcore gamers like this game. still much better than RE in my opinion.

    Avatar image for tsunami2311

    << LINK REMOVED >> i dont think they are I think sony is hence the pc/ps4 only

    Avatar image for inces5ant

    << LINK REMOVED >> duh, lol. I didn't realize that. Sony's racking up a lot of garbage. All that money they spent on advertising Destiny and now this?

    This feels like The Great Pre Sega Demise of 1999 so bad...

    Avatar image for esperprincess

    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> garbage? Idk about Destiny but how is Street Fighter garbage?

    It's liek the leader of fighting games... Sells more and is lead at almost every fighting game tournament ever...

    Avatar image for tsunami2311

    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> it all meh to me i have not liked fighting games for over 20 years DMC was last franchise capcom had i liked thand the ruined that with the reboot imo, and before that was breath of fire, i dont even want capcom to think BoF ever but it to late for that