Street Fighter 5 Aims to Appeal to "Newer, Younger" Audience With "Accessible" Gameplay

"Previous Street Fighter games could feel a bit prohibitive."


Capcom is hopeful that upcoming fighting game Street Fight V can draw in a "newer, younger" audience and make the franchise overall "approachable and accessible again." That's according Capcom brand manager Brian Ayers, who talked more about the company's aspirations for the game in a new interview.

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"The ambitions with Street Fighter V were to make the game approachable and accessible again, but also to make everything with the characters feel a lot more individual and bring out more chances for people to find the right competitor that suits them," he told MCV.

Ayers added: "We really hope that Street Fighter V can bring in a newer, younger audience."

Capcom is also hoping Street Fighter V can appeal to the competitive gaming crowd, too.

“Perhaps more of an esports audience, as well," he said. "Street Fighter is actually one of the first esports titles out there, but it's relatively underground compared to the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends."

Capcom is taking a different approach to Street Fighter V's release model and business plan. There won't be a Super Street Fighter V or Ultra Street Fighter V made available down the road--and this, too, should help the core game appeal to a wider base from the onset.

"It will just be that core release, which will hopefully make it more accessible so people aren't questioning which version they have to buy," Ayers said. "Previous Street Fighter games could feel a bit prohibitive, so it's very much at the forefront of our minds to make Street Fighter V more approachable and accessible. Not just the game, but the business model, too."

Be sure to read the full MCV interview for more on Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V will launch in February 2016 across PlayStation 4 and PC. The game's second beta recently concluded, and, like the first one, it did not go so well.

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