Street Fighter 5 Adds More DLC Characters For Season 5

Capcom isn't done with Street Fighter 5, dropping more DLC characters for the game on PC and PS4.


During the Street Fighter 5 Summer Update livestream, Capcom announced new DLC characters that will join the game's roster on PC and PlayStation 4 as part of its fifth and final season.

The studio confirmed the five fighters: the goofy Shotokan Dan, Street Fighter IV's Rose, the one-armed hermit Oro (who hasn't been playable since Street Fighter III), Akira Kazama from Rival Schools, and an unannounced fifth character. These are the five additional combatants Capcom alluded to back in May 2020. This last batch of DLC fighters make up Street Fighter 5's Season 5 content, which also includes extra stages, costumes for the additional characters, new battle balances and mechanics, and more.

There's a lot more fighting left in Street Fighter 5.
There's a lot more fighting left in Street Fighter 5.

In other Street Fighter 5 news, the game currently has a free trial period on both PC and PlayStation 4. For the next two weeks, you can check out all 40 characters and everything else Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition has to offer before you decide to purchase the game. Both the Standard and Champion Editions are on sale on the PlayStation and Steam storefronts, retailing for $8 and $22.50 respectively.

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