Street Fighter 5 Adds Middle-Eastern Fighter Called Rashid

Arabic character will be able to harness the power of wind in brawls.


Capcom is adding a new Middle-Eastern character to the cast of Street Fighter 5 fighters called Rashid.

The reveal was made at Games15, a video game show currently being held in Dubai, where Capcom's Yoshinori Ono introduced the character. Although details about Rashid's abilities and play style haven't yet been revealed, it seems he will have the ability to control wind.

In a video, which you can watch below, he's shown to be quite a nimble character, capable of jumping off walls and executing dive kicks. His kicks attacks have a wind property to them, but he's also able to place small hurricanes in front of himself, much like SNK's Joe Higashi. Rashid is then able to jump through these, thus giving him the ability to create cross-ups and pile on pressure from both sides.

Rashid's Critical Art is a large hurricane that suspends the enemy in the air, allowing him to deliver a fatal kick.

Interestingly, a supposed leak from earlier this year stated one of the upcoming character announcements for Street Fighter 5 would be called Rashid. This reveal lends some weight to reports that other two characters are a Brazilian fighter named Laura and an Indian character called Zen.

An image of the character was posted on Twitter by KO Alliance and can be seen below.

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All Games Beta has a second, better look at Rashid.

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A trailer for the character has also appeared on YouTube.

Sony has confirmed it will have 19 titles playable at its Tokyo Game Show booth this year, one of which is Street Fighter 5, a console exclusive for PS4. It's likely more information about the character--and perhaps others--will be provided there.

GameSpot's hands-on with Street Fighter 5 at Gamescom revealed the latest iteration offers more of a gameplay reinvention than you might expect.

Recently, Capcom detailed the business model it is adopting for Street Fighter 5, and it's quite a departure from the previous game. Players will only ever need one disc, and future gameplay DLC will be available for free provided you earn enough in-game currency.

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