Street Fighter 5 Adds Halloween-Inspired DLC Costumes Tomorrow

A lot of new outfits are on the way.

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Capcom has announced another batch of DLC costumes for Street Fighter V. This selection goes on sale tomorrow, September 26, and consists of 13 outfits, including a range of Halloween and school-inspired costumes for Cammy, M. Bison, and many other characters.

To celebrate the arrival of fall and the back-to-school season, Capcom is releasing school uniforms for Cammy, Ed, and Street Fighter V's newest character, Menat. Cammy is also receiving an additional pair of outfits; the Doll's Costume is a callback to her days as M. Bison's bodyguard, while the Nostalgia Costume is based on her alternate outfit from Street Fighter IV.

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Chun-Li is likewise receiving a trio of new costumes. The first is an undercover outfit, while the second and third are more leisurely beach and sleepwear. Rounding out the new batch of outfits are five Halloween-inspired costumes for Dhalsim, M. Bison, Urien, Birdie, and FANG, turning the characters into a demon, mummy, and other Halloween monsters.

Each of the aforementioned outfits retails for $4 each. Those who missed out on last year's Halloween costumes will also have another chance to pick them up; Capcom is bringing back 2016's Halloween skins in a bundle, which also includes the Spooky Arena stage.

In addition to the new DLC outfits, Capcom is releasing a new stage for Street Fighter V tomorrow: English Manor. The publisher describes it as a castle that "overlooks a sweeping landscape with the Northern Lights hovering up above." Players can purchase it for $4 or 70,000 in-game Fight Money.

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