Street Fighter 5 Adds Another Character, More Summer Costumes Next Week

Three new costumes are on the way for Cammy, Ibuki, and Laura.


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Juri, the next DLC character for Street Fighter V, will be available starting on July 26, Capcom announced today.

The publisher said recently that she would be available by the end of July. Juri has already been playable through the Story mode added in June, but she'll be added as a proper character for all modes next week.

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Here's how Capcom describes her: "Juri is a provocative SIN agent from South Korea who goes by the codename of 'Spider' and worked under Seth. Juri is a sadistic fighter who enjoys violence and loves tormenting her prey, with a tendency to get involved in anything she deems as fun or dangerous. Fueled by hatred of Shadaloo and M.Bison for the murder of her parents, Juri joined SIN to seek revenge and doesn’t care who she has to annihilate to achieve her goals."

You can get a rundown on some of Juri's moves on Capcom's blog and see her new look in the gallery above.

She'll be available on PS4 and Steam on July 26 following a period of server maintenance that will run from 9 AM to 5 PM PT. At the same time, you'll be able to access her story content and premium battle costume.

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Also coming on July 26 are three more premium summer costumes: one each for Cammy, Ibuki, and Laura. These are each priced at $4 (4 EUR/3.29 GBP).

Capcom just recently released a new batch of DLC that includes new color options and a stage that dynamically changes to reflect the state of the Capcom Pro Tour. A bundle with all of that content is available for $25 (individual pieces are sold for less), with a portion of the proceeds going toward the Capcom Cup.

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I haven't purchases a premium outfit yet, aside from ones that are bundled with the Capcom Pro Tour pack. But, I might get one or two of these (Laura's and Ibuki's look good).

This game doesn't need an arcade mode at this point. The people who say they won't buy Street Fighter V until it has an arcade mode probably would say "too little, too late" if Capcom were to announce that it had plans to patch it in. Those people aren't seriously interested in buying the game. Capcom should focus on other things. And, no fighting game needs a super-cheap last boss. Just assume Bison is the boss.

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Well, I'll be buying Cammy's summer outfit as she is my main. Hope it can be bought with fight money

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Juri's so hot ^..^

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I like how there are way too many costumes already, for a fighting game are the fans really that obsessed at what the fighter looks like? Mean while the rest of the world are waiting on the things to be fixed such as an arcade mode, rage quitting and I dunno all the boss and daily challenges they promised which stink. But its ok its capcom, glad to see they have this thing for bathing suits for women which seem to be priority 1 to release for an incomplete online only game for 7 months now

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@Archangel2222: Add to that the fact that even if you buy everything, the game won't be as fully featured as fighting games were 10 or 15 years ago. Comparing it to Capcom vs SNK 2 or Soul Calibur 3 shows how current fighters have devolved while ripping you off more.

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WTF these characters? ??!

This game is a joke!

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What, no summer costumes for the dudes? I want to see somebody in flower spotted swim trunks.

Man D:

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Damn Juri looking foine! ;)

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--im pretty cheap
--i just(like yesterday) got vanilla mortal kombat for 13.75$
--if i like it enough
--i can get the full XL DLC for 25$(or maybe a sale deal on it)
--i just cant get into the way they 'piece the games together' these days
--leaves me with no choice but to wait on the price drops on the 'filled out' games