Streamer Flips Sexist Joke Back At Harassers, Speedruns Making Sandwiches

Twitch streamer SteffyEvans decided to jump up and make a sandwich every time someone told her to while playing COD--and still managed to win games.

Call of Duty streamer SteffyEvans often hears misogynistic jokes telling her to "get back in the kitchen" or "make me a sandwich." Instead of ignoring them, she decided to take it as a challenge, rushing to the kitchen to speedrun making a sandwich each time someone told her to--and getting back in time to still win the game.

The stream was recapped in a video on TikTok, showing another player telling her to "go make me a sandwich" almost as soon as she had loaded into a game. While the initial sandwich-making cost her team the round, she came back in the next one, and even won a future round after ducking off to make another two sandwiches.

Speaking to Kotaku, she explained that the sandwich-making challenge often cost her a round or two, but more often the comments were made after she had won. She also explained that she not just made the sandwiches, but packed them in bags with a side of chips and bottles of water so the full meals could be later donated to the homeless.

Evans added that she's the target of sexist insults in roughly 7 out of 10 matches she plays, but that the "sandwich" jokes are on the tamer side of what she hears.

"[The sandwich meta] developed into raising awareness as to what is freely said and thrown around by some of these people on video games," she explained. "I am also trying to bring a voice to people who are terrified to play FPS due to the toxic nature of these multiplayer games."

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