Strategy First picks up Jagged Alliance

The Canadian game publisher secures the rights to Sirtech's tactical strategy game series.


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Strategy First has announced that it has secured the rights to Sirtech Canada's Jagged Alliance tactical strategy game series. Under the agreement, Strategy First will manage all business matters connected with the series, including sales, distribution, and customer support. The Jagged Alliance series includes Jagged Alliance, which was published by Sirtech in 1995; Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, which was published by Sirtech in 1996; Jagged Alliance 2, which was published by TalonSoft in 1998; and Jagged Alliance: Unfinished Business, which was published by Interplay in 2000.

"The Jagged Alliance series has been a worldwide hit, and it has had a tremendous following among end-users," said Robert Sirotek, vice president of Sirtech. "We did not want to leave our loyal fans of the series without ongoing support, so we entered into a partnership with Strategy First to provide end-users with this service. Strategy First will provide us with access to distribution channels and bring the series under one roof to permit better quality control and management of the franchise. It is always better that a franchise of this size and quality be managed from one source."

According to a Strategy First representative, the companies are considering different options with regard to Jagged Alliance 3, which was in development at Sirtech until the development team was laid off in July 2001. It is unknown if the game would be developed by Sirtech or by Strategy First, and no official announcements regarding the game have been made. We'll post more information about the deal when it becomes available.

Sirtech is also looking for a partner to take over its Wizardry role-playing game series. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the Jagged Alliance and Wizardry games.

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