Strategy First Launches Official O.R.B. Site

Disciples developer puts up new site for its Homeworld-killer. Details and screens inside.


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Canadian developer Strategy First launched the official site for its upcoming outer-space real-time strategy game. At a glance, O.R.B. (which stands for "Off-world Resource Base") bears no small resemblance to Sierra Studios' acclaimed real-time strategy game Homeworld; combat and exploration take place in fully 3D space. However, instead of being the story of a nation's quest to find its place of origin in the vast reaches of the cosmos, O.R.B. takes place within the confines of a disputed resource-rich asteroid belt. As a member of one of two warring military factions, your job is to command a fleet of fighter ships to collect resources, scavenge advanced alien technology from derelict vessels, and engage the enemy in real-time space combat.

O.R.B. is currently scheduled for release this September. For now, you can visit the site for screenshots, more gameplay info, and a movie.

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